Tips for your connection session




A connection session is all about celebrating your love and life together. It’s a chance to capture moments that tell your story, embrace your individuality and illustrate the unique love you share.

This is about you—who you guys really are together—so let your weird and wacky sides shine! Embrace those quiet, tender moments—whatever it is that makes you guys special is what I want to see through my lens! That way, you can know for sure that you’ll love the result, because it will be a true reflection of who you are, as a couple and as individuals. 

Remember, my camera is just a tool to capture what’s happening in front of me, so the more you let me in, the more authentic your photos will be.

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If you intend to use a photo from the shoot for your wedding invites, save-the-dates, or a photo guestbook, let me know as soon as possible.  We’ll need to have our session early enough that everything else can go out on time! Save-the-dates usually go out at least six months before the big day, while guest books can take several months to edit, design, order and so on.

The sooner you book, the better. That way you’ll know that you’ll get the date and time you’re hoping for, and that you can use your photos in any way you like for the wedding.

If you don’t have a deadline for your photos and we’ll just be taking some awesome pics and hanging out, feel free to choose your favourite time of year! Do you want ice cream cones and bare feet, or bundled plaid layers and a campfire? It’s your shoot—you can do whatever you want!  

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It’s important that you choose a unique location that’s reflective of both of you. Think about things that inspire you; consider places that might have sentimental meaning to you or that’s aesthetically unusual. Maybe there’s an old mural that you love, or a beach cave you once camped in, or a movie that you’d like to recreate in some way.  

Where’s your happy place?

If you’re adventure seekers, let’s embrace your wild side and go exploring together. We could go on a hike, canoe on a lake, or seek out that beautiful vista for some mountain top photos. Maybe you want to spend your session on the grass in the sun. Let’s pack a picnic or grab some bikes and make it happen! Sunrise and sunset are the best times to shoot outside, I promise it's worth it.

If you love your home together, let's do an at-home session. We can create some cuddly shots of you guys cozy in your bed, or loungin’ around with coffee in the company of your fur babies. The best part? Pant's are optional! If we do an at-home session, natural light is essential. I can work with you to see when you get the best light in your home so we can plan accordingly.

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Confidence is everything! The best way to dress for a shoot is to wear what you feel most you in; something that’s comfortable and that makes you feel amazing.

Keep the location in mind when you are figuring out your outfits. We want you to stand out in the images and create a pop of contrast. So if we are shooting in the forest, don't wear all camo! If your outfit includes badass footwear (heels especially), it’s a good idea to bring along a pair of flats or hikers so you can walk around with ease when we’re not shooting. 

Dress to complement each other; if one of you is dressed for a ball and the other for the ball game, it’s gonna look a little weird. Don't think you have to go out and buy a new outfit either! Comfy cut off denim shorts and tee's can be just as perfect as a new dress, depending on where you'd like to shoot.

During the session, you will want to be free of all belongings, so plan on carrying the bare minimum, leaving purses, bags, cell phones, etc. in your car or with me if needed.

Check out the Pinterest board I put together for more examples and inspiration.

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Don't jam pack your schedule by running a bunch of errands or trying to complete to-do list.  Take it slow. Do a little extra self care. Enjoy a bath. Go out for lunch together - take the time to connect and enjoy each other's company.
Maybe have a shot of whiskey. ;)


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In a break from tradition, it’s becoming more common for couples to get dolled up in their wedding clothes and shoot a session together either before or after the wedding day. While it’s called a “day before” or “day after” shoot, as long as you have the outfits, it can be done any time! The benefit is that it’s a super relaxed way to get some gorgeous photos of the two of you. We can explore locations that might not be feasible on your wedding day, change the style up a bit (hair down, different make-up or accessories). It’s a chance to wear your wedding day outfits a little more adventurously!

You can make this session a package add-on or have it in place of the engagement session itself. And while it’s not a substitution for wedding day portraits, it does help take some of the stress off during the bride and groom pictures.

A cautionary note: While measures are taken during the pre-wedding session to keep all clothing clean and tidy, I still advise you keep time to have the dress and tux cleaned after the session if necessary.

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