The Benefits of an Unplugged Wedding

Canadian Elopement and Wedding Photographer - Unplugged Candid wedding

At an unplugged wedding the couple asks their guests to refrain from taking photos or videos during their ceremony. It’s no question that our devices are a huge distraction on a day-to-day basis, and a wedding is no different. The rising trend of unplugged weddings would suggest that more and more people want to prioritize connection and presence over Instagram photos. AMEN!! Here’s the low down on why you should consider going unplugged for your wedding.



1 - Stay Present

Perhaps the biggest pro to going unplugged at your wedding is giving your family and friends the opportunity to really take in the moment. Rather than worrying about snapping a pictures while you and your partner are saying your i-do’s, your witnesses have the chance to be truly present.

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2 - Avoid Distraction

Not only is snapping pictures and recording video distracting to the guest with the device, but it’s also distracting for the rest of the attendees. Between shuffling in and out of seats to get the best angle, to the device obstructing someone else’s view from behind, it can be a nuisance when someone insists on taking photos, rather than listening to the vows.

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3 - Better Photos

Now, I’m not saying that your guests aren’t capable of taking good photos, but plainly put, it’s your wedding photographer’s job to make sure they’re getting those shots. An unplugged wedding ensures that Uncle Bob isn’t standing in the middle of the aisle, blocking the photographer’s shot of your first kiss or you walking down the aisle. This also gives you the opportunity to have your professional photos be the first you see of the ceremony. And not to worry, most photographers (myself included) provide a couple sneak peeks within a few days, so you have a beautiful photo to annouce to the world that you’re married.

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