8 Reasons to Elope

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Wedding planning is the ultimate challenge in indecisiveness: big or small, outdoor or indoor, spring or summer—feeling overwhelmed yet? As a Canadian elopement photographer who also works in the traditional wedding scene, my aim is to help you make the most educated decisions possible so your big day reflects you and your partner. After all, that’s what it’s all about!

Whether you’re seriously considering eloping, or you’re in the midst of weighing all your options, remember there are no rules when it comes to how you celebrate your wedding; eloping can offer some seriously sweet benefits, from shirking traditional expectations to the ultimate intimate experience. So if you’re envisioning a wedding that breaks the rules, stick around while we chat eight reasons why it could be the right move for you!

1 - Cost Effective

Let’s get the obvious perk out of the way first; a ‘just-for-us’ wedding tends to be more cost effective than a traditional wedding. Not only are you cutting down on costs by skipping rentals, catering, and a reception venue, but the money you save can go towards your honeymoon or other future travel plans. Talk about a win-win.

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2 - Keep it Intimate

One of the ultimate advantages of eloping is the amount of quality time you get to spend with your significant other. Rather than being swept up in the day’s elaborate production (that really just goes by in the blink of an eye) you get to slow down and focus on one another. Your attention won’t be divided between guests, family members, vendors and the like, but rather spent making memories together that will last. So, if you’re worried your day will be spent appeasing the masses, you may want to consider taking the intimate route and eloping instead.

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3 - Dream Big

Let’s face it, with traditional wedding planning comes feedback and input from some opinionated family members and guests. We get it, everyone has a different vision for how your big day should go, but you know whose vision matters most? Yours, of course! With fewer planning factors to coordinate and consider, you aren’t pressured to make sacrifices to appease others, and you certainly won’t be subjected to endless requests. It’s your day, so to heck with other’s expectations!

4 - Minimal Planning

Planning a traditional wedding is a lot of hard work—and that’s putting it lightly. Months—sometimes years!—worth of coordinating vendors, finalizing details, seating charts, and guest lists can be enough to send anyone over the edge, not to mention those who aren’t keen on extensive organizing. Don’t get me wrong, there is certainly an element of planning that goes into a great elopement, but when it’s just the two of you, an officiant, witness, and me, your photographer, you’ve got the makings for a manageable, carefree day.

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5 - A Great Excuse to Adventure

Have you ever imagined getting married at the top of a mountain after your favorite hike? A private beach? Where you and your other half first met? Fewer people to accommodate means your big day can happen in the most unusual and magical places, and you’re no longer restricted to venues that can hold a certain number of guests. Not to mention it can make for some pretty epic wedding photos. Just sayin’. . .

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6 - Privacy

Though for some, the idea of being the center of attention for an entire day is exhilarating, and for others, it’s anything but. For a shy couple, standing in front of practically everybody they know and reveling in intimate feelings can be intimidating, and may even distract from the moment. You deserve the freedom to speak your vows freely and commit to your partner without fretting about onlookers! So, if you or your partner are a first-to-leave-the-party kinda person, eloping may be your best bet for a relaxing wedding.

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7 - Skip the Stress

With less planning, comes less stress. Unlike a traditional wedding in which you have to carefully coordinate numerous vendors, your wedding party, and countless guests, an elopement offers more freedom. Rather than sticking to rigid schedules, or rushing from one venue to the next, you can instead spend the day loving on your new life partner and going where the day takes you. Plus, that ongoing pressure to throw a memorable and enjoyable event for all your guests? Forget about it! This day is your day, after all.

8 - Flexibility

One of the best parts about eloping is how easy it is to tailor it to you and your partner’s needs. If you’re worried about family members or close friends feeling left out, or you want them beside you on the big day, invite a small party! If you like the idea of having the ceremony just you two but still want to include some of your closest pals, consider having a separate reception the following weekend or when you’re back in town. There’s no rule book for how you should say your I dos; every aspect is entirely up to you.

And there ya have it! I hope this encourages you to approach wedding planning a little differently, and truly consider what you want your big day to be. I so look forward to working with you, not only as your photographer but as your teammate!

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