Amee & Matt - Blue Hour Beach Engagement - Vancouver Island


Amee and Matt wanted to do something a little different for their engagement session. Amee, who is also a wedding photographer, admitted they had lots of photos of the two of them already, so now was good opportunity to just go play. This was music to my ears!

Matt has an interest in space (my kind of guy!) so they suggested we try some astrophotography for their engagement session. I was stoked!!! We carefully planned the shoot, waiting for a new moon and a clear night. We even pushed back the session twice because of the weather.

When the day came, everything looked like it would be perfect. The star gazing apps said no clouds, and we picked a place far enough out on the coast of Vancouver Island, to have no light pollution from the city. As we drove out towards the beach, the clouds starting rolling in. I was feeling a bit disappointed that despite our planning it didn’t look like any stars were in our future, but so it goes sometimes! Amee cheerfully suggested that we play in the blue hour light on the beach - so we did.

Grain, a slow shutter, and two lovers with a willingness to roll with the punches, created a set that I am so in love with! And the universe handed us a little present when were we driving back in towards the city. Take a peek, I hope you enjoy!


As we drove back into the city, the clouds cleared and we gave one last attempt to get Matt his milky way shot! It was freezing cold by this time, and super windy, but these two did amazing standing on the rocks by the ocean, so I could set up this long exposure.

Here are my camera settings for the milky way shot - 30 second exposure on tripod, f 2.2, ISO 800, shot with 35mm lens.

couple in milky way astrophotography-1.jpg