Amanda & Kevin - Victoria Wedding Photographer


This intimate forest wedding was held in King Francis Park and had all of the factors that make you go, 'Aweeeee'! Every aspect of the day was tailored to who Amanda and Kevin are, and it made it that much more special.

They exchanged their vows in a forest with their closest family and friends around them, including their fur baby, Juno. No need for a fancy isle or decorations, nature provided the perfect grove for the ceremony location. With the help of an officiant being present, they had two of their best friends marry them. I just love the idea of having friends facilitate a marriage! Who better then to get you married than your own community - the people who know you so well. 
After the hugs and congratulations they wandered into a fern forest for the bridal party photos. It was straight out of a fairy tale, I'll tell ya!

Being that literature and film are a big part of both of their lives, we went to Russell Books and took some photos of them reading their favourite authors. Then it was off to the reception, where all the guests dressed as characters from their favourite Wes Anderson movie.

So, let's have a moment for embracing individuality and creating a wedding day that reflects who you are! Amen.

Check out their Wes Anderson themed engagement session here.