here are some things you should know about me:

I'm addicted to dark chocolate, foggy days and my very fluffy cats. 
I love exploring the mountains and coves of Vancouver Island, the place I call home,
and I never get enough of the cotton-candy sunsets that colour its skies all summer long.
My heart truly belongs near the sea.

For me, taking pictures is an adventure: a constant source of inspiration and introspection.
What do I see? What do I choose to see? What am I drawn to, whether I realize it or not? 
My camera is a tool for seeing the world, and seeing myself.
It's also a tool for seeing others, and helping them see themselves.

I've worked as a journalist in radio, print and documentary films. 
I'm a story teller and photography is my primary medium.

I want to be a part of telling your story -
to help you turn those beautiful, intangible moments that make life magical,
into a touchable token for you to cherish and look back on.  

From the waves crashing against the rocky cliffs near your ceremony,
to the smiles on your friends' and families' faces, 
each little detail combines to create this incredible chapter of your shared story.
It's a privilege to help capture these fleeting moments,
and I'm honoured each time I'm chosen to do so.

Portrait by Sara Rogers